It's happened.
I've still got a silly beard, and long hair. [but now they're in a box]
The lucky punters Aussie [Jedi and Steal] and Dene [Flyght Club] placed the winning bids.
Aussie took the first half [see 'during' photo], Dene finished it off. [by proxy]
It's taken me a while to come to terms with it, but now it's grown a bit [and after positive feedback - I'm looking on average 8.4763* years younger], it's not too scary!
Photos are in the gallery. [use the 'photos' link on the left]
Donations are still coming in - but I think the final total will be over £500! [that's a lot of money for a haircut!]
I'll put the final total up when the money stops coming in...

You can still pledge money by filling in the form below if you want to!
[it will fling an email in my direction. I will not pass your details to anyone else, I will keep them top-secret]

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[all beard, no hair]


[3 weeks later]