[21-09-2005]I've finally updated some more of the site.
I've put the photos of my monstrous haircut in the gallery and updated the jesus shaves page.

I've also got around to uploading some climbing photos I've taken over the last few months. Take a look!

[august 2005]This site was originally bought for an Ultimate Frisbee team [called, yes, you've guessed it disc-over-death]. After that it was a comedy dance combo [with a penchant for the morbid] - disco v. death. Dance or Die!
The Ultimate team isn't currently active [I'm currently playing for Sheffield Steal 2], but I still own the site - so now it's mine!
I'm redeveloping the site bit by bit - there ain't much here at the moment, but as I do more exciting things, I'll put'em up!